Visiting Niagara's Wineries

To the north of the Niagara Peninsula's escarpment (the east/west ridge that creates the Peninsula's backbone), there is a strip of land that stretches 30 miles from the Niagara River in the east almost all the way to the city of Hamilton that is blanketed with vineyards.  To date, there are over thirty wineries within thirty minutes of each other that are producing wines measuring up to the strict guidelines established by the provinces VQA.  These wineries are all easily accessible from the QEW.  The QEW is an east/west expressway that runs along the shore of Lake Ontario from the Niagara Falls area east to Hamilton (and onward to Toronto).

Beamsville Area

Jordan/Vineland Area

Niagara-on-the-Lake Area

The lists on the linked pages are updated as frequently as possible.  For final, absolute information, we recommend that you visit the winery's website.

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