Touring The Loire Valley

France's Loire Valley is a wine traveler's dream destination.  The winding Loire River creates the Garden of France, a region replete with castles, cathedrals, gardens, picturesque towns, and historical sites.  What it is synonymous with, though, are the great châteaux.  Home of Chenonceau, Chambord, Azay-Le-Riedeau, and hundreds of other estates, the Loire Valley was once the playground of French royalty during the Renaissance, with châteaux in medieval, Renaissance, and classic styles.

The same temperate climate that drew the rich and famous of old to the Loire also created the Garden of France, creating a wine destination that is for the palate, the heart and the soul.  Stretching hundreds of miles from the Atlantic almost to Burgundy, the Loire Valley takes advantage of a wide variety of climates and terroir to create equally wide variety of wines.  These wines include the world famous Sancerre, the luscious sweet wines of Vouvray, the delicious Cabernet Franc and Rosés of Chinon and Anjou and the crisp wines of Muscadet, offering something for almost every palate.

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