The wine regions of Germany are as dramatic as they come.  Primarily following the Rhine and Mosel Rivers, the rolling vineyards of western Germany blanket regions that have a combination of soaring peaks and plummeting valleys.  Each of these regions retains much of the influences of eras gone by, with hundreds of Roman ruins, Romanesque churches, medieval castles, baroque castles, and half-timbered villages.  The result is a picture postcard around every bend of the road.

Over the past thirty years, the German wine industry and the German restaurant industry have both undergone dramatic changes.  By putting more of a focus on quality, rather than merely trying to placate the tourist, they have increased the number of restaurants recognized by the Michelin guide while consistently producing wines that are rated among the best of the world's vintage. 

For the wine traveler, the proximity of the major wine regions to each other makes Germany an ideal destination.  Within two hours, you could leave Frankfurt am Main and be in the Mosel, the Ahr, the Mittelrhein, the Nahe, the Rheingau, Rheinhessen, and the Pfalz wine regions, enjoying all they have to offer.

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