The German dining scene has undergone a major metamorphosis in recent decades, resulting in a growth in the number of restaurants that are recognized by the Michelin guide for their quality.  This list of restaurants should not be considered complete and 100% authoritative, but rather as a starting point.  We merely suggest that you listen to your inner voice when seeking a restaurant in a town or region with high numbers of tourists.

Trier Area

Landhaus Mühlenberg

Restaurant Scheid

Mühlenberg 2
D 54313 Daufenbach
Ph: 011 49 06505 8779

Located about 10 miles outside of Trier, the restaurant offers a contemporary cuisine that is accompanied by an excellent wine list.

Reinigerstraße 48
D 54332 Wasserliesche
Ph: 011 49 06501 13958

Located 10 miles outside of Trier, their phenomenal wine selection is easily matched by their chef, who is one of the best in the region.

Restaurant Pfeffermühle

Schloss Monaise

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Zurlaubener Ufer 76
D 54292 Trier
Ph: 011 49 0651 26133

Arguable the best restaurant in Trier, their menu offers a superb rendition of classic French and German cuisines and has a wine list whose French and German origins easily match the menu.

7 Schloss Monaise
D 54294 Zewen
Ph: 011 49 0651 82 86 70
Fx: 011 49 0651 82 86 71

Located just upriver from Trier in a castle dating back to the late 18th century.  The bright rooms of the early classic palace are decorated in a modern bistro style and offer a menu with classic international dishes as well as regional fare.  They are closed January 1st to 13th, through Carnival season.

Weinhaus Becker

206 Olewigerstraße
D 54295 Olewig
Ph: 011 49 0651 93 80 80
Fx: 011 49 0651 93 80 88 8
(in German)

Don't be deceived by the rustic exterior: here you will be treated to a light classical cuisine that is served at beautifully laid tables.  Specials include Pigeon Kugelhopf, goose liver and truffles with apple salad.  Desserts include a variety of chocolate desserts with banana compote.

Saar River Valley


Saarburger Hof

Auf dem Burgberg
D 54439 Saarburg
Ph: 011 49 06581 2622

Their specialties are fish right out of the Saar River and wines right out of the Saar Valley.  The restaurant is situated in Saarburg's castle, providing the setting for a wonderful dining experience.

37 Graf-Siegfried-Str. - 54439 Saarburg
Ph: 011 49 06581 9 28 00
Fx: 011 49 06581 928080

Decorated in a stylish, classical format that provides the right setting for an intimate meal.  The cuisine is international, but it is provided in a regional manner.  They are closed December 27 to January 20.



Restaurant zur Malerklause

Restaurant Elisenberg

Im Hofecken
D 54413 Bescheid
Ph: 01149 06509 558

About 5 miles outside of Trittenheim, the restaurant is high over the Mosel.  An ideal stop for lunch with simple, yet delicious meals and an excellent selection of local wines.

Haupstraße 81
D 54486 Mülheim
Ph: 011 49 06534 93730

One of the top restaurants in the Mosel valley, Elisenberg has recently been renovated and offers a very sophisticated cuisine.  Recommend that you check their menu prior to going in to avoid "stickershock."


Hoffman's Weinstube

Rotisserie Royale

Bahnhofstraße 6
D 54470 Bernkastel-Kues
Ph: 011 49 06531 2575

An excellent lunch destination for several reasons.  Their menu offers simple, yet delicious entrees, as well as an excellent array of local wines.  The main reason, though, is that is located across the river from the main tourist area (in Kues), so is therefore a bit less chaotic, especially during the high tourist season.

19 Burgstraße
D 54470 Bernkastel
Ph: 011 49 06531 65 72
Fx: 011 49 06531 6572

The old half-timbered building retains its original character with the use of a lot of wood. Tasty regional cuisine comes from their kitchen.  They are closed in January for two weeks and on Wednesday.


1 Markt
D 54470 Bernkastel
Ph: 011 49 06531 22 25
Fx: 011 49 06531 7103

The restaurant and the wine bar offers diners a wide selection, including international, Mosel specialties, and fresh seasonal produce.  They are closed December 15th through February 15th.


Restaurant zum Josephshof

Restaurant zur Traube

Hauptstraße 126-8
D 54470 Graach
Ph: 011 49 06531 2272

An excellent lunch alternative to the tourist crush in neighboring Bernkastel, offering excellent local cuisine and wines.

D 54470 Graach
Ph: 011 49 06531 2189

An escape alternative similar to Josephshof, but make sure to ask about their older vintage wines.



Waldhotel Sonnora

Restaurant Moselschild

Auf demEichelfeld
D 54518 Dreis
Ph: 011 49 06578 406

Despite its out-of-the-way location (a 20-minute drive from the Mosel), this is one of the best dining experiences in the whole country.  Their cuisine is an excellent collection of creative versions of local cuisine and is matched with an equally impressive selection of wines.

They do an excellent job of preparing foods in a traditional manner.  In addition to more famous regional wines, they also offer wines made from the owner's vineyards.


Restaurant Burg Thurant

Moselstraße 16
D 56332 Alken
Ph: 011 49 02605 3582

An excellent dining experience in the traditional German style.  The cuisine and wines, matched with the rustic 1300's building make you feel as though you've stepped back in time.


Historischer Weinkeller

Restaurant Loup de Mer

Mehlgasse 16
D 56068 Koblenz
Ph: 011 49 0261 1426

Located in a wine cellar that dates back to the 1200's, this is an excellent option for people just starting their wine tour as you can sample wines from all over Germany.  An ideal place to ask for referrals to area wineries.

Neustadt 12
D 56068 Koblenz
Ph: 011 49 0261 16138

As the name implies, this is an excellent option to the heavier traditional German cuisine, offering carefully prepared and tasty dishes from fresh and salt water (there are still options for meat-lovers).  They are closed on Sunday

Restaurant Stresemann

Zum Schwarzen Bären

Rheinzollstraße 8
D 56068 Koblenz
Ph: 011 49 0261 15464

A great restaurant (bistro) for traditional German cuisine.  Decent wine selection.

35 Koblenzer Straße
D 56073 Moselweiß
Ph: 011 49 0261 4 60 27 00
Fx: 011 49 0261 4602713

Rustic and simple is the atmosphere where you are pampered by their staff. They offer both international and good plain cuisine.  They are closed for one week during carnival time and for three weeks in July.

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