It's A Jolly Holiday

It's hard to believe, but just forty short years ago, the area around Orlando was nothing but cow pastures, orange groves, and swamps.  In the time since then, though, the dream of Walt Disney has become more of a reality than Uncle Walt ever dreamed of.

Since its opening in 1971, Walt Disney World has grown to four major theme parks, dozens of smaller attractions like Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk, tens of thousands of hotel rooms in over a dozen resorts, scores of restaurants offering cuisines from North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, an array of bars and clubs like on Pleasure Island, and to top it all off -- two cruise ships.  Today, four of the top five amusement parks (in attendance) are located here (the fifth is Disneyland in California).

To plan a trip to the Land That Walt Built is far more than simply booking a room and buying your air tickets.  Many first-timers make poor decisions by selecting packages that are not right for them, selecting the wrong time of year to visit, or just simply planning to do too much in a short period.  This guide is designed to help first-timers and others put together a visit that makes the most of your trip to Walt Disney World.

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